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About  Lofotstua

We are the family Jenssen who have been running this place since 1972 and Lofotstua since 1987 and we are specialising ourself at good old lofoten cooking from the 50`s in the fishermens style. That means we concentrate very little effort about being a trendy place with artistic creations. Quite opposite,we concentrate solely about have the best fresh fish we can get,and transform that into simply well tasting experiences as a basic lofoten isles cooking style as we can do. We have 3 seasons at Lofotstua. Between May untill late september we have the ala carte wich includes numerous fishes like: Codfish, Seaperch, Coalfish , Monkfish , Plaice , Atlantic Halibout , Artic Char , Trout , Norwegian Catfish(wolffish),  and also a quite unknown fish called Isgalt (it has no english name) ... and we are also specialising on  Minkie Whale and also from Greenland we have the Blueback Seal for the adventures ones.
From october until mid-january we serve only Lutefisk , wich is dry codfish placed into caustic soda and then drenched in cold water for 10 days. This is the single most popular sosial event in norway yearly,and we unfortunatly have 1 year waitinglists,so we are not the place to just drop into in these times unfortunatly. From mid-january untill late april we have the famous Skrei season ,wich is the codfish coming from the barentsea in to the lofoten islands to lay eggs. The fishing starts then,and we serve steamed cod with caviar ,codliver with potatoes. And this is the only thing we serve in these months. This is almost as popular as the Lutefisk,and we also have 1 year waitingslist on this as well.